• Faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland




    The Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Copenhagen is located in two villas on the coast of Øresund in the prestigious Hellerup district of Copenhagen. The main building of the Embassy is located at Richelieus Allé 12. It was built in 1918 and has been the property of the Polish state since 1948. In the first years it housed the Polish Envoy to Denmark, and since 1957 it has functioned as Embassy.


    The villa was designed by the two excellent Danish architects Einar Madvig and Godfred Tvede. In the design of the building, inspiration was drawn from the Eremitagen Castle (1734-36), which is located in the Dyrehaven Landscape Park north of Copenhagen. Einar Madvig (1882-1952) studied philosophy and architecture and was inspired by neoclassicism. He went on study trips to Germany, the Netherlands, England, France and Italy and was the architect behind a number of villas and palaces of famous Danes and shipowners. The seat of the Polish Embassy is counted among the most outstanding of Madvig’s projects. Godfred Tvede (1863-1947) studied architecture abroad and specialized in designing mansions and villas in neo-baroque style, which was in fashion at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Among others, he designed the seat of the Danish East Asiatic Company (Det Østasiatiske Kompagni) and was in charge of the modernization of Thott’s Palace carried out in 1893 (the building itself dates back to 1683). Since 1930 Thott’s Palace has housed the French Embassy in



    The villa belonging to the Consulate of the Republic of Poland is located at Richelieus Allé 10. It was built in 1913 and has belonged to the Polish state since 1969. The villa was designed by the Danish architect Valdemar Birkmand (1873-1930). Among his most famous projects are the barracks of the Danish Navy, Carl Petersens Kollegium in Skovshoved as well as the Consulate of the Republic of Poland.


    In the interwar period, in the years 1919-1940, the seat of the Polish Envoy to Copenhagen was located in Knuth’s Palace at Frederiksgade 17, next to the residence of the royal family (in earlier times, the building had housed the Embassy of the Russian Empire). The palace at Frederiksgade 17 was built in 1871 as an annex to Dehn’s Palace (built in 1752-56). Today it houses private enterprises. The Chancellery of the Polish Envoy was located at Bredgade 52 – in the vicinity of the main seat.



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