• Faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland



  • The activities of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in the Kingdom of Denmark are led by H.E. Ambassador Henryka Mościcka-Dendys.


    The organization structure and competences of the sections of the Embassy:


    • The Political and Economic Affairs Section covers all aspects of bilateral relations between Poland and Denmark, including analysing domestic and foreign policy of Denmark, securing and protecting Polish interests in Denmark, maintaining contacts with Danish opinion-making circles and mass media, supporting Polish-Danish bilateral and multilateral co-operation, launching activities aiming at a multifaceted promotion of Poland in Denmark.
    • The Consular Division protects rights and interests of Polish citizens in the Kingdom of Denmark, provides Poles residing in Denmark with consular assistance, undertakes legal actions like legalization of documents and attesting signatures, grants passports to Polish citizens living in Denmark and visas to foreigners who wish to travel to Poland, intermediates between Polish citizens living in Denmark and relevant institutions in Poland, contributes to the strengthening of ties between Poles permanently living in Denmark ("Polonia") and Poland, spreads knowledge about Polish language and national tradition, and supervises activities of the honorary consulates of Poland in Denmark.
    • The Defense Attaché Office's task is to facilitate co-operation between the Polish and Danish Armed Forces and Ministries of Defence. It provides relevant information about Danish security policy issues to the Polish Ministry of Defence and other military authorities in Poland. It promotes links between the staffs of the two Ministries of Defense across a wide range of activities, such as training and operations. The DAO assists Polish enterprises with the purchase and sale of defense equipment.
    • The Trade and Investment Promotion Section (CLOSED) Based upon the Order of Minister for Development and Finance of 13th September 2017 r. the section was closed on 15th of December 2017.


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