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  • 2 July 2019

    Common security interests, cooperation between Polish and Danish armed forces in NATO and in the bilateral context, as well as historical traditions and combat experiences of one of the oldest and most elite units of the Danish army, were discussed during the visit of Amb. Henryka Mościcka-Dendys and Defence Attaché Cpt. Zbigniew Romanowski to the barracks of the Hussars Guard Regiment on 19 June 2019.

    The Guard Hussars (Gardehusarregimentet) is – alongside the Royal Guard (Den Kongelige Livgarde) – one of the oldest and the most elite units of the Danish army, dating back to 1762 (establishing of the first light cavalry – hussars unit in the Danish army, after Hungarian patterns), and even 1614 (in the light of the merger of the unit with, among others, the Zealand Guard appointed by King Christian IV). Currently, the regiment, stationed in Slagelse, Zealand, is a motorized brigade consisting of three battalions. The unit participated in a number of foreign missions, including the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan, during which 16 of its soldiers fell. The most spectacular sub-division of the regiment is the Hussars of the Guard, whose tasks include assisting (in historical uniforms and equipment) Danish Monarchs during official occasions and ceremonies (New Year's reception, presentation of credentials by ambassadors, solemn trips in the capital and other Danish cities, setting of state visits) .


    During a visit to Slagelse, amb. H. Mościcka-Dendys, accompanied by Defence Attaché, Cpt. Z. Romanowski, Minister-Counsellor A. Soroko and First Secretary O. Zawadzka-Kucharska, met with the commander of the unit, Colonel Jens Ole Rossen-Jørgensen and a group of senior regimental officers. Colonel Rossen-Jørgensen presented in the briefing the history of the regiment, as well as its current structure, completion and the role and tasks performed in Denmark as well as within NATO and foreign missions. The delegation of the Embassy also had the opportunity to become acquainted with the functioning of the unit, regimental facilities and their tasks. The head of the Military Ceremonial, Major Stig Carlsen, also presented to the delegation the collection of the regiment's museum, documenting the history of the unit from the 18th century onwards.


    As emphasized by Amb. H. Mościcka-Dendys, cooperation of the Embassy of Poland with the Hussars Guard Regiment was initiated in March 2019, when thanks to the support of the regiment, the Polish stand was adequately prepared during the historical festival "Historiske Dage", helping the Polish reenactors to commemorate the 360th anniversary of general Stefan Czarniecki’s cavalry division expedition to Denmark to support Danes against invading Swedes, during the so called Swedish Deluge / Second Northern War (1658/59). To stress the historical Polish-Danish military relations, as well as the cooperation of both countries in NATO and for the security of the Baltic region, the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland offered to Colonel Rossen-Jørgensen the true replica of the Polish winged hussar saber from around 1750.


    The visit confirmed close contacts and cooperation between the Polish and Danish armed forces as well as the great potential for cooperation in the field of historical diplomacy between two countries.

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