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  • 26 June 2019

    We invite you to a special performance of the Song of the Goat Theatre at Hamletscenen Festival in the Kronborg Castle in Helsingør

    “Songs of Lear” shows a world of subtle energies and rhythms. The ensemble members have chosen scenes from “King Lear”, and each song emerges as a starting point for another ‘dramatic poem’, where the voices are always most present. Their ability to capture raw emotion is as strong as their impeccable musicianship. It feels like the musical equivalent of Munch’s ‘The Scream’, a howl against all the incomprehensible sadness of the world. “Songs of Lear” is a constantly evolving creative research project, where the music becomes character, relationships and events. The performance premiered at Fringe Festival in Edinburg, where it won three prestigious awards, including Fringe First award considered to be an Oscar equivalent in theatre. The Song of the Goat Theatre is considered one of the most innovative European theater groups.


    The Kronborg Castle is widely known in the world as “the Hamlet Castle” due to the fact that famous English playwright William Shakespeare placed the action of his most recognized play in that very castle. The tradition of Shakespeare performances at the castle dates back to 1816, and since 1937 it has been a regular theatre festival.




    17th and 18th of August, 3 p.m.

    Kronborg Castle

    Kronborg 13

    3000 Helsingør

    More info and tickets sale at the festival website.

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