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  • The Polish educational system provides high quality education at 22 universities. It is possible to take part of your education in Poland through an exchange program (e.g. Erasmus+) or to take your entire education in Poland. You don’t have to speak Polish to study in Poland as courses in English are available at several Polish universities. Should you prefer to study in Polish, you will have to pass a Polish language test before you start studying.

    One of the advantages of studying in Poland is the higher number of lectures and the considerably lower costs of living in Poland in comparison with many other European countries.


    For more practical information about studies in Poland and guide to student life in Poland, please visit the following links:


    Can I bring my SU to Poland?

    You can bring your SU with you for an exchange program abroad if the Danish educational institution accepts the study period abroad as part of the current Danish study program. The Danish educational institution must acknowledge that the content of your study program is on the same level as your program in Denmark. This also means that the same amount of credit (ECTS) must be awarded for the study period in question. If the international office at your home institution agrees to your study program abroad, and you are already receiving SU, your SU will continue as before.

    You can also decide to take a full education in Poland. It is possible to bring your SU under certain criteria. You will need to have your education abroad accepted by the SU authorities in good time. You can apply for the SU authorities’ accept via the a formula on the SU webpage. You will also have to apply for SU for your education via minSU. You can do so 3 months before the education starts.

    For  details and more  information on SU for studies abroad, see the web page of Styrelsen for Videregående Uddannelser og Uddannelsesstøtte:

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