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  • 25 November 2016

    Issues relating to Polish language teaching, including cooperation with Danish municipalities and reaching out to billingual children dominated the meeting of Polish Diaspora Advisory Concuil.

    This year’s  last meeting of the Polish Diaspora Advisory Concuil was focused on the teaching of Polish language. Polish teachers, pedagogues and representatives of the parents’ councils at the School Consultation Points (SPK) among others discussed the access to different educational forms, cooperation with Danish municipalities in organising Polish language courses as native language (the mother tongue) education, as well as the education possibilities offered on internet platforms, including "Włącz Polskę!" (Turn Poland on!) and internet project "Open School"


    Much attention was also given to bilingualism – including the demand of methods for teaching Polish language as a foreign language. It was acknowledged as key challenges to reach out to as broad a group of Poles as possible living in Denmark with information about Polish language teaching, cooperation with parents and systematization of the education as a precondition for its efficiency.


    Inaugurating the meeting ambassador Henryka Mościcka-Dendys underlined that “Polish language teaching is one of the basic priorities in our cooperation with Polish diaspora, and it is a key to strengthening the identity of young Poles living abroad”. She also pointed to the promotion initiatives undertaken within recent months promoting Polish language teaching and bilingualism in cooperation with among others the famous Polish-Danish musician and activist Czesław Mozil with the slogan “Two languages, double up on possibilities”. During the meeting consul Dobrosława Siemianowska informed the participants on the planned initiatives for promoting knowledge about the possibilities for Polish language education. 

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