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  • 1 February 2019

    One of Poland’s most promising clean technology/high-tech clusters - CLEANTECH South Poland joined the Danish high technology center BLOX Hub in Copenhagen.

    On 28 January 2019 Ambassador H. Mościcka-Dendys met Mr. Martin Kahl, representative of the cluster CLEANTECH South Poland at BLOX Hub in Copenhagen. The cluster represents about 150 organizations, institutions and enterprises from the Polish regions of Podkarpacie, Małopolska and Silesia. The institution organizes B2B meetings and matchmaking, facilitates knowledge sharing and helps in creating networks specific for a particular sector of contacts.


    "Your presence in Denmark is an interesting example of the long transformation Poland faced. I am pleased to hear that Polish entrepreneurship, innovative thinking and modern 'made in Poland' solutions are gaining more and more recognition in the Nordic countries, traditionally considered to be the most innovative in the world. We support wholeheartedly your activities as we are aware of the fact that you not only contribute to faster economic growth of our country, but also to changing the traditional image of Poland abroad" – emphasized Ambassador Mościcka-Dendys during the meeting.


    CLEANTECH focuses on entrepreneurship, innovations and start-ups with particular emphasis on green technologies. The cluster helps start-ups, universities, research institutions, companies, municipalities and regions with taking full advantage of their potential, introducing innovations and developing new business ventures. On the Danish market, the cluster provides information to business entities on the possibilities of investing in Poland and conducting research with the use of EU funds in cooperation with local partners.

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