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  • 27 November 2018

    The Polish strategy for the natural gas sector and the gas pipeline Baltic Pipe were presented at this year's Danish forum for the gas sector, held under the motto “Gas in the green energy system”.

    The annual conference of the Danish Gas Association (Dansk Gas Forening) was held on 15 November 2018 in Copenhagen under the motto “Gas in a green energy system”. The conference gathered numerous guests, among them the Minister for Energy, Supplies and Climate of Denmark, L. Ch. Lilleholt, representatives of the management boards of the most important Danish and Nordic companies operating in the natural gas sector, including T. Brabo from Energinet, A. Hansen from Gassco, M. Stanley from Hofor and C. Jensen from Dansk Gas Distribution. Much attention was paid to the future of gas energy and the role of biogas as a fuel, which can pave the way for energy transformation and reduction of CO2 emissions. Denmark is a country, which attaches great importance to climate protection and the fight against global warming, as representatives of the Danish administration and not least Minister Lilleholt clearly pointed out.


    The opening speech of this year's forum was delivered by ambassador H. Mościcka-Dendys, who talked about the Polish strategy for the natural gas market. She paid much attention to the diversification efforts of Poland, i.e.the construction of a LNG terminal in Świnoujście as well as the planned gas pipeline Baltic Pipe, part of the so-called Northern Gate, which will open a new transmission route between Northern and Central Europe and connect the Norwegian Continental Shelf through Denmark with Poland, and potentially even further with other Central and Eastern European states. She emphasized the Polish efforts to modernize and transform the national energy system, including reduction of CO2 emissions. “For Poland energy security is of key importance, and we understand it as diversification of directions and sources of supply. By expanding the physical infrastructure – in the form of the Baltic Pipe as well as cross-border interconnections with our neighbours, we contribute to the establishment of a real common energy market in the European Union, safe, competitive and consumer-friendly” – emphasized amb. H. Mościcka-Dendys.

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