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  • 13 May 2019

    Member of the Danish parliament and former head of the Danish diplomacy Martin Lidegaard, director of the Danish Institute for International Studies Kristian Fischer and Beata Zieniewicz of the Polish Association in Aalborg were bestowed with Polish state decorations during this year's celebration of the 3 May Constitution Day.

    The ceremony on 7 May 2019 was attended by numerous representatives of the Danish administration, media, academia as well as diplomatic corps and the Polish diaspora. Among those honoured were Mr. Martin Lidegaard, who is a member of the Folketing, former minister for climate and energy and former head of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Kristian Fischer, director of the research centre DIIS and former deputy permanent secretary of state in the Danish Ministry of Defence, as well as Mrs. Beata Zieniewicz, of the Polish Association in Aalborg.


    Profiles of the decorated persons:


    Martin Lidegaard – former Minister for Foreign Affairs (2014-2015) and Climate and Energy (2011-2014) in the centre-left government of Helle Thorning-Schmidt. A member of the Folketing for the Social-Liberal Party. Strong supporter of the Eastern Partnership countries, in particular Ukraine in their reform efforts. His role in convincing the Danish public opinion about the need to diversify and provide energy security for Central and Eastern Europe, in particular with regard to the Baltic Pipe project, was particularly appreciated by Poland.


    Kristian Fischer served for many years as deputy permanent secretary at Denmark’s Ministry of Defence (2001-2016); he is an prominent expert in the field of defence and security, currently serving as direct of the Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS). Mr K. Fischer significantly contributed to the development and strengthening of Polish-Danish defence and security cooperation in various dimensions: bilateral, regional and within the NATO. He engaged in the creation of the Multinational North-East Corps in Szczecin with Poland, Denmark and Germany as framework nations. On the initiative of K. Fischer, periodic Polish-Danish consultations were established at the level of secretaries of state in the ministries of foreign affairs and defence.


    Beata M. Zieniewicz has been a member of the Board of the Polish Association in Aalborg for more than 30 years, i.e. since the establishment of this organization, and for the last three years its treasurer. Her merits include activities addressed to the youngest generation of Poles in Denmark when she fostered a theatre for children. Currently, she concentrates on projects aimed at integration of migrant workers from Poland, including awareness rising about the Danish labour market regulation or social policies.

    Photo: Hase Ferrold
    Photo: Hase Ferrold
    Photo: Hasse Ferrold
    Photo: Hasse Ferrold

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