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  • 18 June 2019

    The Polish Museum of Taagerup opened doors for visitors this year simultaneously paying tribute to a long serving custodian and volunteer Mrs. Winnie Jette Grahndin, who was bestowed with the Bronze Cross of Merit of the Republic of Poland by Poland’s ambassador to Denmark.

    As every year, at the beginning of June the Polish Museum of Taagerup (“Izba Polska”) opened doors for visitors. A family picnic to mark the jolly occasion was organized by the “Polish Barrack” Association led by Marek Kocuba and Torsten Elsvor.


    The gathering was formally launched with a solemn ceremony of bestowing Mrs.Winnie Jette Grahndin with the Bronze Cross of Merit of the Republic of Poland for her continuous engagement to preserve the memory of the first Polish migrant workers coming to Denmark at the verge of 19th/20th century. Ambassador Henryka Mościcka-Dendys who decorated Mrs. Grahndin mentioned also her 30 years long engagement into the works of the “Polish Barrack” Association, which takes care of the Museum in Taagerup, Lolland. The Museum is located in the former living quarters building for seasonal workers („Polakkaserne”), build in 1911 for Polish women who arrived in the island to work at the sugar beetroot fields. The Museum opens for visitor only in summer, informing about the history of the first Polish migrant workers in Denmark (often called “the beetroot emigration”).


    For more information please visit the museum and its website, incl. detailed description about the permanent exhibition and the Polish presence on the Danish islands of Lolland-Falster. The website is available in four languages: Polish, Danish, English and German.

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