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  • 19 August 2019

    The unique theater group of Wrocław presented their much acclaimed show “Songs of Lear” at this year’s edition of the prestigious Hamletscenen Shakespeare Festival at Kronborg castle.

    This year’s guest show of the Hamletscenen Festival was presented on 17-18 August 2019 by Poland’s Song of the Goat Theater. The group performed their much acclaimed play “Songs of Lear” to the numerous audience gathered at the legendary Hamlet castle. Hamletscenen Festival takes place at Kronborg, widely known as “Hamlet castle” due to the fact that William Shakespeare placed the action of his most famous drama at that very place. The renaissance fortress with its walls constitute a perfect background for the open air performances based on plays by the English poet.


    “Songs of Lear” are inspired by 12 key scenes from “King Lear”, which are presented in the form of  singing poems - all being performed in Latin or Coptic. The vocal virtuosity of the actors and their ability to capture the most dramatic of human emotions make the whole performance, though very modest in decoration and costume, moving and fascinating. The show premiered few years ago at Scottland’s Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, where it won three prestigious prizes, including Fringe First award considered to be to be the Oscar of theatre. Since its premiere it was broadly presented internationally, including in Finland, USA, Israel and UK. In Denmark it was shown for the first time.


    The event was co-financed by Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Copenhagen, Assecco Denmark and Peak Consulting Group marking yet another time the 100 anniversary of reestablished diplomatic relations between Poland and Denmark.


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