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  • 13 September 2019

    This year, for the first time, Poles living in North Jutland gathered at the renovated St. Michael’s Church.

    The St. Michael’s Church was built by Poles working in a local peat plant in Pindstrup in the 1920s. Their employer – Mr. La Cour founded construction materials. Employees themselves collected over 7000 DKK (worth about 160 thousand DKK today) for the construction of the chapel. The temple was consecrated in 1930. Since then, Pindstrup became a popular destination of pilgrimages for Poles living in Denmark. These expeditions had not only religious, but also social dimensions – the gathering was accompanied by games and youth festivals. The tradition of pilgrimages lasted until the World War II. It was restored by Father Herbert Krawczyk of the Catholic parish of Aarhus 20 years ago.


    In 2018, thanks to the commitment of Father Herbert, Polish diaspora and local authorities, funds for the general renovation of the temple were collected. In April 2019, the St. Michael’s Church finally regained its original appearance and is currently a unique example of Polish religious architecture and cultural heritage abroad.


    This year’s pilgrimage took place on September 7, 2019, gathering the Polish community of North Jutland. It was an opportunity not only to participate in the mass, but also a networking meeting: diverse workshops along with a competition about to the history of the St. Michael’s Church took place that day.

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