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  • 13 February 2017

    A visit to St. Michael church in Pindstrup and meeting with Polish diaspora in Aarhus filled the Ambassador's visit to Middle Jutland.

    St. Michael church in Pindstrup was one of the destinations of Ambassador Henryka Mościcka-Dendys’ Sunday visit to Jutland, where upon the invitation of Father Herbert Krawczyk she met a local group of Poles engaged in renovating this special place on the map of Polish presence in Denmark. Together with consul Dobrosława Siemianowska the ambassador also met with the representatives of the Polish diaspora living in Aarhus and the whole Middle Jutland region.


    The construction of the St. Michael church was initiated in the 1920s by the Polish seasonal workers, who worked at peat bogs exploitation. They gathered savings amounting to 7.000 DKK, in 1929 constituting the founding capital for the church building, accomplished by the then landlord of Pindstrup, Mr La Cour who donated the timber, which the church was built of. The church was consecrated on Easter Monday, the 21st of April 1930.


    The La Cour Family Foundation supports also the ongoing preparations for the renovation works. The church is considered a cradle of Polish emigration to Denmark and for many generations of Poles it has been, and still is, a destination of pilgrimages.


    The meeting with Polish diaspora living in Jutland took place at the premises of the Church of Our Lady in Aarhus, where Father Herbert Krawczyk serves the Poles arriving in Denmark. The discussion focused on the current challenges faced by the Polish community in Jutland, including the Polish language teaching. In her remarks ambassador Henryka Mościcka-Dendys encouraged the diaspora to organize, stressing that “all the projects, both cultural and linguistic, will be easier to finance and to carry out if you act together. By working together we are also more visible to our Danish hosts and it is easier for us to tell them something about contemporary Poland”. The meeting was also an occasion to discuss consular issues – consul Dobrosława Siemianowska explained working principles of consular offices in Denmark as well as procedures regarding the most important consular issues for Poles living abroad, which can be handled at the Consular Section of the Polish Embassy in Copenhagen.

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