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  • 14 June 2019

    Małka Kafka, a renowned restaurant owner and author of cook books, presented traditional dishes of the Eastern European Jewish cuisine with a modern twist at workshops in Copenhagen.

    Małka Kafka, owner of a restaurant chain Tel Aviv, author of cook books and host of a tv show “Kosher Macher”, was guest of this year's Jewish Cultural Festival in Copenhagen. On 6 June 2019 the festival audience had an opportunity to participate in her culinary workshop, dedicated to traditional Polish Jewish cuisine dishes, sometimes called also Jiddish cuisine, but prepared in a modern, vegan way. The chef prepared the best known dishes of Ashkenazi Jews from the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth territories, including challach, borscht and kreplach (traditional Jewish dumpling) as well as her signature vegan version of Jewish caviar, traditionally based on liver. During the workshop Małka also dwelled upon the culinary traditions of Polish Jews, about the spiritual and cultural meaning of ever dish; she pointed to the influence that both Polish and Jewish cusine continously have had on each other.


    On Friday, 7 June 2019 at the premises of the Embassy of Poland in Copenhagen Małka Kafka prepared a Shhabath dinner. Upon the invitation of ambassador Henryka Mościcka Dendys representatives of Copenhagen Jewish Community, University of Copenhagen and Polish diaspora participated in this solemn event. The guests got an opportinuty to taste the signature versions of common known Jewish dishes, such as cymes, egg salad and potato pie. The hihglights of the menu were her extraordinary servings including porcini goulash and vegan caviar. The Shabbath dinner was also on occasion for Małka to talk about religious traditions of Jewish citizens of Poland and about the meaing of each course served.

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