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  • 3 October 2014

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland and the Polish Press Agency (PAP) are launching a Newswire for Polish Diaspora Media. Addressed to Polish media outlets abroad, the service will be delivering news about Poland, the Polish diaspora and Poles living abroad.

    The purpose of the service is to make available information materials that will be published by the Polish community media. It will be covering important political, economic, cultural and social developments in our country, as well as initiatives by our compatriots living outside Poland. For Polish communities abroad, this quality news service will serve as a credible and attractive source of information about Poland and the Polish diaspora. 


    The Newswire for Polish Diaspora Media will be available free of charge, under a free licence, to be used by the press, the online media, radio and television stations. Updated weekly, the service will feature around ten ready-for-publication pieces – interviews, articles, features and reports, complete with photos and infographics.


    The service is available on  Editors of Polish diaspora media outlets are welcome to contact PAP in order to get login and password for the service. The first edition of the service in PDF format is also available. Please contact Magdalena Syska, tel. (22) 509 28 21, e-mail:


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