• Faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland



  • 12 September 2019

    The representatives of the Embassies of Poland and United Kingdom along with the Aalestrup authorities laid a wreath at the memorial for the fallen Polish and British airmen, commemorating their contribution to the Allied air missions over the territory of Denmark during World War II.

    Minister Counsellor Artur Soroko and Defense Attaché, Captain (Navy) Zbigniew Romanowski participated in the commemoration of the Polish pilots who were shot down near Aalestrup during a combat flight to Konigsberg on the night of August 29-30, 1944. Thanks to the effort and steadfastness of the Danish local community and their pastor, despite the hostile attitude of the Germans, a Christian burial was organized for all fallen pilots. Six Polish and eight British airmen in RAF colors were buried with honors at the cemetery next to the church in Aalestrup.


    The local community of Aalestrup-Østerbølle has carefully looked after the burial ground. After World War II, a stone monument with the names of the fallen airmen was founded on the initiative of the inhabitants. The flags of the Polish Air Force and the British RAF accompany the anniversary celebrations each year.


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