• Faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland



  • Poland and Denmark are close partners in the EU, NATO and in the Baltic Sea Region. The relationship between our two countries is characterized by a continuous and friendly dialogue. Both countries share similar opinions on many issues concerning European and security matters. The highly developed Polish-Danish military cooperation goes back many years and is characterized by its pragmatism and a focus on implementing projects to satisfy the current needs of the two countries. The contacts between defense ministry representatives aim at exchanging information and experience on stabilization missions, reforms of the command structure, purchase of military equipment and weapons as well as training procedures.


    Polish-Danish trade relations since 1999 have been characterized by a high growth (9 % annually) and a constant positive trade balance for Poland. Estimates put the growth in the value of Polish-Danish trade in 2011 at more than 12 %, reaching 4,4 billion euro. The Polish trade surplus amounted to nearly 600 million euro.


    In the field of culture, Polish-Danish cooperation is based on direct contacts between institutions of the two countries and on exchange between local entities. This cooperation is to a significant extent initiated by the Polish Embassy in Copenhagen, which, among other things, assists in establishing contacts with Danish partners, enables Polish artists to participate in projects in Denmark and organizes study trips for experts and journalists.


    The origins of the Polish community (“Polonia”) in Denmark dates back to the late 19th century, when the first Polish immigrants came to Denmark to work in agriculture. Another group of Poles arrived in Denmark as political refugees in the years 1969-1974 and after the communist authorities’ crackdown on the Solidarity movement in 1981. The latest Polish immigrant wave consists of the labour immigrants that have come to Denmark since Poland joined the EU in 2004.

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