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  • Public transport in Poland is quite cheap and it is easy to find your way around. Tickets are valid for both tramways, buses and metro. The tricky part is to choose the right type of ticket. Below you will find a few bits of practical advice concerning tickets and zones to help keep your journey as fuss-free as possible.

    In Polish cities, getting around by public transport is far easier than by car. You never have to wait long for the next tramway, bus or metro, which in most cases run from 05.00 am to 11.00 pm. After 11.00 pm, the night lines take over. In most cases they run twice an hour all night long and are marked with an N.


    Buying tickets

    The main rule is that you need to buy your ticket before you enter a vehicle. Tickets can be bought at the ticket machines placed at some, but not all, bus- or tram stops or at the kiosks called RUCH, RELAY or KOLPORTER or other little shops with a sign that says BILETY. Since you can’t be sure to find a kiosk or a ticket machine at every stop, you are recommended to buy a couple of extra tickets for later rides.


    Ticket prices

    Public transport in Polish cities is inexpensive. These price examples are from Warsaw 2013:

    A 20-minute ticket cost PLN 3,40 (around 6 kroner), a 40-minute ticket - 4,60 PLN (around 9 kroner) and a 60-minute ticket - 6,40 PLN (around 12 kroner).

    A single ticket valid only in the first zone will cost PLN 4,40 (around 8 kroner). The same price will apply to a single vehicle ticket sold in some ticket vending machines inside the public transport vehicles.

    A 24-hour ticket valid only in the first zone will cost PLN 15 (around 27 kroner) . A 3-day ticket (also valid only in the first zone) will cost PLN 30 (around 54 kroner). Validate your ticket

    Your ticket must be validated as soon as you enter the vehicle. You validate your ticket in one of the little boxes that says Kasownik. If you don’t validate you ticket or do it too late, your ticket will not count as valid and you might find yourself being fined by one of the ticket inspectors. There are quite a few inspectors around, and as they are dressed in plain clothes they can’t be spotted before it’s too late. However, if you didn’t manage to get hold of a ticket beforehand, you can in some cases buy one from the driver. This is meant as a solution only for emergencies and the driver will not always have tickets. If you need to buy a ticket from the driver you must do so before the vehicle sets off and you still need to validate it. A driver can refuse to sell you a ticket in case he is more than 3 minutes behind schedule. Moreover, you will have to be able to pay the exact amount, as the driver is not requested to carry change.

    All in all, it is recommended to buy tickets in advance. It saves you a lot of headache.


    Types of tickets

    As a novice in the Polish transport system, it can be a challenge to find out what kind of tickets you need. Note that the public transport system in Warsaw is divided by travel zones or travel time, so be sure your destination is not located outside the zone for which your ticket is valid.


    Single fare ticket

    A single fare ticket allows you to take a journey on one vehicle for a period of time not exceeding 120 minutes. It does not allow you to change lines.


    Time limit tickets

    If you only plan to use very limited public transport and don’t want to invest in a longer term ticket, a time limit ticket may cover your needs. Time limit tickets will cover rides for 15, 20, 40, 60 or 120 minutes and it is important that your ride does not exceed the time limit your ticket is valid for. You can change lines as many times as you like on this type of ticket as long as you keep the time limit. The time is calculated from the time you have validated your ticket.


    Tickets for several days

    If you plan to stay in a city for some days you can buy one, two, or three day tickets. This type of ticket allows you unlimited travel in all the zones your ticket is valid for. No matter what kind of ticket you buy, you must still remember to validate it immediately after entering the vehicle on your first ride. Otherwise it will not count as a valid ticket.


    Long-term cards

    A long-term card entitles you unlimited journeys within 30 or 90 days. They are issued on personal data cards with your name and photo. This type of card cannot be validated in the Kasownik for paper tickets, but must be validated by placing the card in front of the validating machine. If your first journey is by metro, you must validate the card in the validating machine before you enter the platform.

    Long-term bearer tickets valid in the first zone will cost: 30-day - PLN 100 (around 178 kroner), 90-day - PLN 250 (around 447 kroner).

    A Tourist Card allows you free public transport in the city for a limited period of time and allows you a discount at several museums and other attractions in the city. The Tourist Card can be bought at the tourist information, in some hotels or online.



    If you are a student with a valid ISIC card you are allowed a discount on tickets. These tickets are called ULGOWY and will be approximately half the price of a normal ticket.



    On the Internet, you can get further information about public transport and types of tickets in Polish cities. Not all cities have websites in English, but the cities below do: 



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